YellaBot FAQ

Q: Where can I get the latest update for YellaBot?

A:  Click Here to download the latest updates

Q: How can I submit a bug report?

A:  Click Here to submit a bug report

Q: Why can I only scrape a limited number of results?

A: It's not us, it's them! Yes, unfortunately, certain YP sites limit users from returning beyond a certain number of results. In the USA, for example, this limit is roughly 3000 results. In the UK, it's roughly 100-150 results. In Australia it's roughly 1000 results. Each country is different and some do not limit at all. It is up the the individual site.

Note: If you would like to learn more about overcoming these limitations, read on below...

Q: How can I scrape more results? I'm being limited.

A: If you're hungry for more results, never fear, YellaBot GOLD is here!

YellaBot GOLD is a Power User version of YellaBot with a built-in queue system (see the Projects Tab in your PRO version to see what the interface looks like).

With YellaBot GOLD, you can queue up multiple searches in multiple countries/cities. You can then go about your business while YellaBot GOLD runs the searches in the background. You can go off and do other things. Come back later to find all your search results completed and ready to be exported as either 1-single combined file or as multiple files. This is the best and only way to get nearly unlimited results.

Upgrade Link: Click here ($97 upgrade fee applies)

Q: Does YellaBot export into Excel format?

A: Yes, of course. To export into an Excel compatible format, export as CSV. To do that, choose the 'Tab-Delimited' radio dial when exporting. That will save as CSV and can be opened and edited in Microsoft Excel.

Q: Can I use Private Proxies with Username and Password in YellaBot GOLD?

A: If your proxy requires a username/password, simply enter your proxy into the YellaBot Proxy Settings Tab as you normally would (no user/pass details). Proceed to use YellaBot. When you activate the proxy and initiate your 1st YellaBot search, your YellaBot browser will prompt you to enter your Username/Password. Enter your user/pass and resume your project (or re-run your project/search, if needed). You will not be prompted to re-enter your username/password again until you switch to a new proxy.

Q: How do I scrape email addresses?

A: Most of the major Business Directories (including the US and UK) no longer provide publicly visible email addresses. On the brighter side, there are a couple that still do (Australia, for example).

If you do want emails and you're unsure whether your country supports email harvesting, make sure you have Deep Mode 'ON' by going to:

'Settings > Options > Tools > Use Deep Mode'

This will insure that _if _emails are available in the listings, they will be captured by YellaBot's sticky tentacles.


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